Otopy Technology

Our Vision of Search

We believe that smart input is the key to obtaining relevant search results. Today, users have to think too much about what keywords to enter to find what they are looking for. Often, a search for information is a trial-and-error process involving a lot of guesswork. We believe that it is possible through software to help users zero in on the precise terms needed to accurately describe what they are looking for. Otopy has developed a proprietary methodology that makes use of semantics and linguistic analysis to expand keywords into multiple relevant terms, automatically offering a range of relevant choices.

Otopy's AI based intelligent search can be applied to any type of search -- finding information through a search engine, locating a document on your computer, retrieving a specific e-mail, finding a song on an MP3 player, or a television show or movie on TV -- you name it. Our goal is to make the first step of search so smart that in the future you will only have to go to one location (the Otopy-powered search input box) to find anything, anywhere.

How It Works

When you enter a keyword into any Otopy powered search box, Otopy automatically adds intelligence to your search by expanding the keywords you use into a series of relevant concepts. Otopy's linguists and semantics experts have developed dozens of sophisticated algorithms that transform a simple keyword entry into relevant multi-word concepts. The alternatives provided do not rely on prior user behavior, recommendations, click-through patterns of other users, or premium listing status to generate alternative descriptive terms. Instead, Otopy's proprietary technology analyzes concepts used to describe items offered.

Once Otopy understands contextually the content we are then able to eliminate over 99% of the irrelevant data through a number of semantic, lossy compression algorithms. This then allows Otopy to search on the remaining data extremely fast and accurately. Otopy searches on concepts and related concepts rather than on just keywords, which is typical of other search engines. This concept based approach mimics the human learning processes, thus providing a dramatically different solution than current search solutions. Because Otopy understands contextually and conceptually the content we can focus on exactly what the users want to know, find it in near real time and not require the users to continually refine, if not rewrite, queries to get the information they need. Otopy's AI engine can do searches in any language and in near real time. The combination of the unique characteristics of Otopy's technology is what makes this disruptive technology.

Otopy's algorithms are designed to be self-learning - in other words, over time they become more robust and more accurate. It is this way that the Otopy engine was designed to mimic the way the brain learns.

Otopy's Key Advantages

  • Speed
    • Ultra fast indexing without requiring metadata
    • Ultra fast look-up of term relationships
    • Query response time is 10 ms
    • Updates existing databases in under 5 minutes

  • Relevancy
    • Contextual search based on terms and term relationships
    • The AI engine contextualizes the data set and understands the data the user is searching
    • Advanced semantic/linguistic algorithms
    • Improved click through rates and yields to ad placement for better targeting resulting in upwards of 50% improvement in click throughs!

  • Flexibility
    • Supports intranet, web, mobile and desktop search
    • Concurrent multi-language searches
    • Otopy reads and contextualize content in near real time

  • Big Data Analytics
    • The Otopy solution is designed to be used by anyone in your organization.
    • No training is required.
    • Otopy's solution exposes related concepts that other search systems can't find. One of the unique attributes is the heuristic capability to find relationships based on the human hunch or gut feel. All together you will now be able to find those nuggets of data that before were missing; thus allowing for better decision making all focused on improving the bottom line of your company. By reducing the indexing size, it allows in many cases to run full multidimensional analytics, whereas before you had your data scientists make a sub-selection to fit the size of cloud you could allocate.

  • Cloud Environment
    • Supports cloud environments
    • Fast and accurate indexing of large data sets within the cloud
    • Supports Hadoop, Linux, Pig, Redhat and Ghost Machine

  • Cost Efficiency
    • Efficient large scale search engine (1/100th the number of servers needed)

Otopy's Key Applications

  • Search
    • No click stream/links needed for ranking: ideal for IC data and Enterprise data, with very few visitors and no ontology required for better indexing
    • Document Matching: Documents with similar meaning can be pulled from a repository even if different keywords or languages are used input a paragraph of what you want and matching documents are found
    • Petabyte stores can be indexed and searched efficiently, without requiring a handcrafted ontology, by dynamically generating a semantic graph with high resolution and dimensionality * Mobile
    • Creating a semantic cache allows users to obtain data without network connection or coverage
    • Reduced network usage
    • Reduces power consumption with faster lookup then other search solutions on mobile devices

  • Advertising
    • Otopy's Ad Engine is based on concepts which is more descriptive then key word based ad engines.
    • Otopy provides an ad-serving mechanism, based on its conceptual understanding of the users' activities, which delivers more targeted advertising than is possible with keyword matching.
    • Ads sold by concepts rather than keywords are easier for advertisers to purchase and easier for users to understand; thus a win-win for the advertiser and the customer.
    • This concept based approach allows Otopy to monetize the long tail of search.
    • This ad serving can also be done in the Phone, avoiding delays (both network latency and ad server delays) via Otopy's proprietary ad server resident within the mobile device.

Trade Secret Technology

Otopy has protected the key aspects of the technology through a series of trade secret technologies. The technologies encompass sophisticated algorithms and methodologies for strengthening associations between terms and for learning new terms. There are a number of key disruptive inventions included in the trade secrets. The inventor has over 200 issued USPTO patents.

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