AI Engine can monetize any content!

Otopy's AI Advertising solution is designed to monetize any digital content (search results, social content, text messaging, etc.). Otopy's Ad Engine is based on concepts which is more descriptive then key word based ad engines. Otopy provides an ad-serving mechanism, based on its conceptual understanding of the users' activities, which delivers more targeted advertising than is possible with keyword matching. Ads sold by concepts rather than keywords are easier for advertisers to purchase and easier for users to understand; thus a win-win for the advertiser and the customer and ultimately the provider of search vehicle (i.e. the Operator). This concept based approach allows Otopy to monetize the long tail of search.This ad serving can also be done in the Phone, avoiding delays (both network latency and ad server delays) which annoy users.

How it works

Otopy's proprietary technology reads web pages (or an online merchant's product database, or any other content repository such as a company intranet), automatically creates semantically related terms, (in multiple languages, if necessary) and uses those to find relevant search results, as well as conceptual links to ads. Otopy' technology overcomes two important limitations of searching on keywords 1) the requirement for a nearly exact match between the keyword entered and the keyword found on a web page or document in order to return any results, and 2) presentation of irrelevant results when a given keyword can describe more than one thing.

Once Otopy understands contextually and semantically the search results we are then able to offer those results in the form of Concept Based Ads. These Ads are more relevant than relying solely on keywords.

The following represents a high level overview of the primary process involved in supplying Ad Concepts to advertisers:

  1. Extract keywords from content
  2. Use concept relationships to match with concept clusters (multiple sets of keywords)
  3. Match to keywords purchased by advertisers
  4. Select ads based on likeliness of click, geo- and temporal-spatial
  5. Randomize to not crowd out completely
  6. Offer advertisers the ability to purchase keywords and concept based ads via a self-serve model we call AdConcepts Store.

Otopy's Ad Engine can be incorporated into any language.

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