Otopy licenses its OIS product to companies in a variety of markets and applications. By partnering with Otopy, you can add intelligence to your existing search applications. We can also assist in the integration and training on how to customize the results for your particular use.

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While the initial release on AWS is designed for eCommerce; OIS can be easily adapted to a number of uses. Below is a list of a number of application areas (Use Cases) that could benefit from the use of OIS.

Sample Use Cases

Public search engines, blogs, or shopping sites. Otopy can improve the accuracy of your search by adding our Intelligent Search to your current search solution and also allow you to monetize your site based on our deep semantic conceptualization of your data. Let us know what you need.

On-Line Auction Site. Otopy’s deep analytical engine can read and understand auction listings and descriptions. Otopy can help bridge buyers and sellers by using deep analytical matching of concepts instead of only keywords. Otopy can also remember customer behavior patterns and can assist in making recommendations. Increased sales can improve 5% or more straight to the bottom line.

Mobile Device Manufacturer (remote diagnostics). Otopy’s deep analytical engine can read and understand a cell phones manual and user’s applications. Otopy can use this data to remotely and without human intervention diagnose a solution for the user without the user having to come into the store. Financial savings can be in the billions of dollars per year

Large Financial Institution #1. Otopy has the potential to apply semantics to HFT (High Frequency Trading). Most HFT systems avoid semantic linkage due to complexity and added latency. Contemporary solutions include SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization Systems), which seek to bridge the gap between semantic and physical models. However, SKOS are manually curated, requiring subject matter experts to develop limited ontologies and vocabulary extensions. Otopy can effectively automate this process, by uncovering, rendering, and linking concept details. Supplementary market identifications, swap transaction data, historical risk, FIX tags and other pertinent data can be effortlessly aligned with real-time market information by the Otopy engine. Otopy can then perform agnostic analysis across asset-classes. The ability to effectively filter out noise and provide records with minimal latency means Otopy can deliver profitable, tangible results to HFT systems.

Large Financial Instituition #2. Otopy’s deep analytical engine can read and understand financial data and make deep analytical recommendations where before there were never even thought possible.

Large Financial Institution #3. Otopy can assist in fraud prevention and tracking to uncover crime.

Large Financial Institution #4. Otopy can assist customers to make better analytical decisions regarding, trades, acquisitions, marketing, advertising, up sells, etc. Increased revenues can be in the billions of dollars per year

CPG Company. Otopy’s deep analytical engine can read and understand sales trends, marketing data and customer information to make better and more accurate decisions. Otopy can do analyses where none were done before because of the cost associated. Otopy can assist brand managers to make wiser choices that can lead to better chance of successful sales strategies and thus increase revenue.

Manufacturer. Otopy’s deep analytical engine can read and understand a company’s bill and materials as well as shop manuals to better understand a company’s business. Otopy can make analysis of the data in ways never imagined that will lead to efficiencies and bottom line savings that can translate into increased revenue.

Health Care Company. Otopy’s deep analytical engine can read and understand large amounts health data including patient’s data. Otopy can make sense out of the large data without click streams. Otopy can be used in research and prevention in medicine. Otopy can be used in a public forum to better inform patients based on deep analytical understanding of worldwide data. Today the vast amount of collected data goes unsearched; with Otopy 100% can be analyzed in short time and in any language

SEO Company. Otopy’s ability to offer up to 16-grams out of the box (or more with slight tweaking) allows you to create tag clusters that contextualize your content perfectly for search engines. By offering semantic clustering, but not only in single words, but 2-16-grams, it can provide you a solution designed to improve your SEO results. Further, as you can automate the process by selecting meaningful trainings materials, it allows you to maintain your tags in near real-time, allowing new listings to be indexed properly and quickly.

Corporate databases. By tightly integrating Otopy with your corporate intranet or domain-specific database (e.g. Westlaw, Lexis/Nexis, Medline, GPS data), and "training" the Otopy algorithms on your unique content, your users will be able to find exactly what they're looking for.

Government Agencies. Otopy can enhance search and retrieval across large data bases, in any language and in real time. Otopy’s search can also infer and find information, even with zero occurrences. Otopy is ideally suited to connect the dots across many data bases and in many languages and raise the red flags of importance to the researcher. Today the vast amount of collected data goes unsearched; with Otopy 100% can be analyzed in short time and in any language with no training required. Many lives can be saved not to mention Billions of dollars associated with Wars and cost savings storing and analyzing vast amounts of data. You can now find the needle in the needle stack.

Television Manufacturers. Otopy's search methodology can be applied to interactive program guides to enable consumers to find the shows they want to watch. Instead of being limited to searching on program title, channel, or time of day, Otopy can search within detailed program listings to find, for example, a newsmagazine segment on the origin of hula hoops. Whether you're delivering television programming via satellite, cable or IPTV, Otopy's search technology can make your TV service more valuable to consumers.

Desktop search. Otopy's search methodology can make searching the users contents (documents, email, photos, music, etc.) of a desktop computer easier, while delivering more relevant results.

Cloud Companies. Cloud providers can benefit by using Otopy to do a better job at finding information stored within the cloud. Otopy uses an AI engine that mimics the way the brain learns and does not require exact keywords or click streams to find items.

Asian Character Set Search Engines. Otopy is ideally suited for Asian languages, since it operates on terms (e.g. the concepts embodied in Asian characters) rather than keywords.

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