Big Data Cloud Intelligent Search

Big Data Cloud Search

Otopy Big Data Cloud Search enables the search and retrieval of structured and unstructured data in a cloud environment. Search is achieved via our AI based engine that mimics the way the brain learns. As a result the Otopy engine can find material without exact keywords and without clickstreams. For the first time this new technology enables the ability to search a user’s entire digital asset base.

Manage data easily and efficiently

Otopy OIS is built on the Hadoop (Apache) open source platforms. Otopy Intelligent Search (OIS) is a cloud-based solution enabling easy management of large, unstructured data sets in a way never before imagined. With OIS your index reduces typically 2 to 12 orders of magnitude. In addition, search now includes semantics, not just keywords; the Otopy OIS can understand not only the context of your data but the meaning of the terms used to find the data. Another advanced feature is the ability to connect to data sets by simple drag-and-drop mouse clicks rather than spending weeks of designing connectors. OIS is language-agnostic and is easy to use and manage.

Designed for Big Data sets

Today, the growth in data is fueled by largely unstructured data from the Web, as well as machine-generated data from many sources and sensors. Most new data is actually semi-structured in format, because it consists of headers followed by text strings. Otopy's OIS is designed from the ground up to handle very large semi-structured and unstructured data sets in the petabyte or greater range. Now any user can mine these large unstructured data sets to find important information via ad hoc and batch queries.

Real-time data

Organizations that accumulate big data recognize quickly that they need to change the way they capture, transform and move data from a nightly batch process to a continuous process using micro batch loads or event-driven updates. This change pays big business dividends because it makes possible delivery of critical information to users in near real time. In other words, big data fosters operational analytics by supporting just-in-time information delivery. The market today is witnessing a perfect storm with the convergence of big data, deep analytics, and real-time information delivery. Otopy is ideally suited for real-time data analysis through incremental indexing technology.

Powerful, easy-to-use big data analytics

Anyone in your organization can use Otopy OIS – without training. No specialized programming is required. Simply type the term you want to find into the search box, and the system takes care of the rest. Otopy exposes related concepts that other search systems can't find. One of the unique attributes is the heuristic capability to find relationships based on the human hunch or gut feel. Now analysts can find those nuggets of data that previously were missing, thus enabling better decision making, all focused on improving the bottom line of your company.

Exploding Index issue solved

In many cases when dealing with Big Data there is an exponential issue of Exploding Indexes. An exploding index is the resulting size of the data after an index of the data set to expose multiple connections. In many cases data can fan out to a point where it is impossible to manage. Otopy has solved this problem by reducing the exploding index from 2 to 12 orders of magnitude. The index size is controllable via the Otopy dashboard, and it can be tweaked by the system administrator.

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