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Kris Singh

Kris Singh is currently President & Chairman of the Board of Service Research and Innovation Institute (SRII). Kris Singh has been a senior leader in the IT industry for more than 25 years. Kris has worked for major IT companies in the Silicon Valley like IBM Research, AMD, Intel and National Semiconductor. At IBM Almaden Research Kris has been the Strategic Programs Director for IT Services Research and where he created the global IT Service Research and Innovation Institute, SRII. SRII mission is to drive IT Innovation for major sectors of economy and build a better world. SRII members include senior leaders from industry, academia, research, government and key professional organizations at the global level. SRII organizations and initiatives are growing all around the world.

Peter E. Hart

Peter Hart is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur. He was chairman and president of Ricoh Innovations, which he founded in 1997. He made significant contributions in the field of computer science in a series of widely-cited publications from the years 1967-1980 while associated with the Artificial Intelligence laboratory of SRI International, a laboratory where he also served as director.

While at the SRI Artificial Intelligence Center, Hart co-authored 20 papers, among them the initial exposition of the A* search algorithm and the variant of the Hough transform now widely used in computer vision for finding straight line segments in images.

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